Racking System

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  • Bicycle Display Rack

    Heavy duty steel frame construction to handle heavy loads. Can be customized.

  • Bicycle Rack

    A stationary fixture to which bicycles can be securely stored, typically using lock to prevent theft. This is made of sturdy material for long-lasting use. Can be customized.

  • Cantilever

    Cantilever racking system is ideal for retail stores. To be used as storage for pipes, plywood & other longer or lengthy items. This is available in two types, the single-sided and double-sided. Can be customized.

  • Double Deep

    This system involves special equipment to load and unload the product. Normally, a bottom beam is placed to allow the equipment straddle legs to come in

  • Drive-in

    Drive-in racking is suitable for large volume and one product type with low stock selectivity and rotation. Pallets are stored or retrieved on cantilevered rails along the entire depth of the bay. This system uses “First-In Last-Out” bases that utilizes the maximum available space. Can be customized.

  • Flow Rack

    This system is a combination of selective racking system and light-load flow-rack which is places underneath the rack. Can be customized.

  • Light Load Flow Rack

    This system is for light moving loads wherein the inclination of the bed at a certain degree makes the product slide. It operates on a “First-In First-Out” basis. Stock rotation is efficient and is ideal for electronic products. Can be customized.

  • Long Span

    The racking system caters beyond the load limit capacity of ordinary shelving. Usually plywood or steel sheet is placed on top of the beam with some accessories underneath to serve as decking

  • Mobile Ladder

    Constructed using heavy duty tubular for main frame and checkered plate/expanded metal for rungs and platform. Can be sectionalized and customized.